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STUDY TIPS PPD 240--Diane E. Yoder The following are tips for studying and writing essay exams: Scan the syllabus for course objectives. Organize your class notes and reading notes around central issues or themes. Look for repetition in your class notes. Look at quizzes to see what issues are emphasized. When you receive the exam, read each question carefully . Make sure you understand what the question is asking for in terms of an answer. If you don’t understand a question, ask the professor to explain it. If given a choice of questions, think about each one before you select those you’ll answer. Spend 5-10 minutes writing an outline for each question have to answer. Write concisely using your outline as a guide. Remember: Answer the question thoughtfully--don’t “data dump.” It’s okay to disagree with authors, professors, etc., but support your arguments with logic! The following are reading tips:
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