Introduction - Urban Context Aug 27

Introduction - Urban Context Aug 27 - PPD 245 Roth Class...

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PPD 245 Roth 8/25/09 Class notes - Introduction Name of the course: Urban and Context “Context” means setting and its basic elements are space and time. SLIDE – MAP OF URBAN POPULATION, 2005 Distribution of urbanization Scale of urbanization Place and space : Places are not merely settings for actions but also structure actions by helping to define what is possible and what is not possible for those who occupy it. Ask for examples: LA and the single-family home, eg. What makes a place? Buildings and structures: How many, how big, and what do they look like? Who built it, why, and how did it work out? Who occupied it and how did the occupants change over time? Structures of behavior, habit and law also help to define what is possible.
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Ask for examples: eg, zoning Markets Labor market: what do people do for a living? Methods and locations of production, scale and content of consumption, and the transport and distribution processes that connect the two. Culture, in the sense of values, ideas, aspirations: What do people think is beautiful or desirable in their surroundings? How do they define their surroundings: home, neighborhood, larger community? How do they express and enforce their values and aspirations? The natural world and “second nature”:
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Introduction - Urban Context Aug 27 - PPD 245 Roth Class...

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