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Nov 3 Parks and Rivers

Nov 3 Parks and Rivers - 1 PPD 245 Class notes for November...

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PPD 245 Class notes for November 3, 2009 M. Roth PARKS AND RIVERS give us two different ways that nature intersects with urban life, as a designed landscape and as a functional environment. The two categories are not mutually exclusive: it took a great deal of mundane earth- moving to create the aesthetic effects of Central Park, and recreation has stubbornly persisted in some of our most desecrated urban streams. As examples, they illustrate some of the complexities of the relationships between urban society and the environment, and suggest some ways to keep nature in the picture when describing cities. Central Park, New York City: because of its location, its size, and the influence of its designers, a central episode in the development of parks in the urban US. 1844: agitation by the editor of the Evening Post for a large public park. Both parties endorsed, parks commission appointed. 1
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1853-56: city appropriates funds to buy land from 59 th to 106 th Street, between Fifth and Eighth avenues.
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