Nov 24 Discussion notes on theming and sprawl

Nov 24 Discussion notes on theming and sprawl -...

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PPD 245 Nov. 24, 2009 M. Roth The following notes summarize the student comments based on defining themed environments and sprawl. I have edited them only slightly, for clarity. THEMING Built around a common subject – consistent visual markers Totality – bldgs, decoration, signs integrated visually Planned beforehand Influenced by story of its builders Influenced by commerce Themed environments are isolated, by themselves, self-defining Provides a sense of security – emotional comfort (like a gated community). The visitor or occupant can’t be lost – maps and signs complement architectural and spatial cues. Is it a false sense of security, because anything can happen still? Tend to be highly controlled environments, so not false in the sense of physical safety. Theming tells a story. There are patterns to the story. Theming erases prior spatial identity (or appropriates it for the theme)
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Unformatted text preview: Participatory environments. Is this a necessary part of theming? Sets up expectations on the part of the visitors SPRAWL Outward expansion into suburban areas Escape from crowded urban envirojnment Based on automobile transportation Wastes land Destroys habitats Not organic – extremely planned Not necessarily a grid? Single-family homes with yards and garages Residential/separation between commercial and residential Racial exclusivity/housing discrimination Inefficient use of water Bigger network of public infrastructure Lack of physical engagement in everyday life Unsustainable Reflects choice and preferences on the part of the occupants: Space and freedom Backyard – personal green space Large rooms Quiet Sense of community – rather than anonymity of cities ? Homogeneous – people all alike Use of cars eliminates encounters Slower pace...
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Nov 24 Discussion notes on theming and sprawl -...

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