Oct 13 Bosses and Reformers

Oct 13 Bosses and Reformers - litigation Growth of City...

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PPD 245 M. Roth October 13, 2009 Review Sheet for Bosses and Reformers: Key Concepts and Terms Bosses and Machines o enriched themselves and their friends on public funds o provided access and opportunity for workingclass immigrants o provided services paternalistically, face to face - a funeral, a job o viewed as the bane of the cities by reformers and other observers Progressive Reformers o many, if not most, of the prominent Progressives were educated, white o urban conditions and politics addressed through exposure (Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair, Ida Tarbell) o adoption of civil-service meant to limit patronage in the awarding of jobs o effective business reform (anti-trust) addressed through legislation and
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Unformatted text preview: litigation Growth of City Services o initially (late 19 th century) through infrastructure to improve public health such as water and sewer systems o housing and environmental reform through regulation of tenements and privies o increasing influence of experts: doctors, engineers, planners Profession of city planning takes root with the City Beautiful Movement o city centers as a rallying point for citizenship o Burnham and the Chicago Plan o John Nolen starts teaching planning at Harvard o Bartholomew and the Capitol Commission o control of land use to separate incompatible functions through zoning...
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