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Sept 24 Cronon, RRs

Sept 24 Cronon, RRs - 1 PPD 245 M Roth Class Notes...

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PPD 245 September 24, 2009 M. Roth Class Notes Railroads and the Industrial City RRs depended on technological innovation in rails, trackbeds, means of propulsion, rolling stock Rail promotion and extension of railroad lines was a combination of route selection on the part of RRs according to economics and topography AND boosterism on the part of local populations and businesses. It was a process of tension and negotiation, not deterministic but rooted in human ambition and disappointment. Though certainly a transformative element in their own right, railroads were also embedded in networks of commerce and business that RR’s themselves helped to create. Slow growth starting in 1820s and explosion of railroad construction in 1850s SLIDES – TABLE AND MAP FROM TAYLOR, TRANSP REVOLUTION RRs exerted an enormous impact on the appearance and function of the industrial city. Gordon and Malone discussed how RRs created linear barriers and became the spines of industrial districts
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