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Comm 339 Group Project NOTES_11

Comm 339 Group Project NOTES_11 - Comm 339 Communication...

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Comm 339 Communication Technology and Culture Fall Semester 2009 Final Group Project: Analysis of Contemporary TechnoCultural Assemblage DUE DATES: Groups #1, 2, 3: November 18, 2009 Groups #4, 5, 6: December 3, 2009 Group Topics: #1: Electric Car: The Story of an Idea Whose Time has Come (Again) #2: Gesture-based Games: Haptic Technologies and New Genres of Play #3: Maker Culture: The rise of DIY as a Cultural Phenomenon #4: Virtual Environments and Sociality: Second Life, Whyville, and World of Warcraft #5: Music in Digital Culture: Sampling, Sharing, and Sound Design #6: Pervasive Computing: Mobile Media and the Disappearance of Computers Instructions for the getting started: Exchange phone numbers; email addresses. Schedule an initial brainstorming meeting as soon as possible. Divide the project into individual tasks that each member can work on in between group meetings. Meet regularly to discuss progress. Rehearse your presentation at least once.
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