Homework #3 - Americana at Brand

Homework #3 - Americana at Brand - 20 pts 4. Describe the...

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USC PPD 362 Fall 2009 Homework Assignment #3 Site Tour Report The Americana at Brand Write a 2 - 3 page report on your observations during the site tour conducted at The Americana at Brand. While I am interested in any and all observations that you may have, please make certain your paper specifically addresses the items listed below. The Americana at Brand 1. What are some of the defining elements of a mixed use project compared to a more traditional single purpose project? List at least 3 elements. What are some important factors in the new trend of mixed use development? 20 pts. 2. What process did Caruso Affiliated participate in with the Glendale Redevelopment Agency in order to gain the rights to move forward with the project and when did this process begin? 20 pts. 3. What obstacles did Caruso Affiliated face during the development process of The Americana at Brand which they had to overcome?
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Unformatted text preview: 20 pts 4. Describe the overall programming of the project, i.e. size of the total land area, retail square footage, number of housing units including for both for sale and rental, amenities, size of the park, and any other elements you feel are important to the overall appeal of the project. 20 pts 4. What changes would you recommend be made to the project that you feel would improve the overall retail/residential experience and make you more inclined to frequent or live at The Americana? 10 pts. 5. What specific changes / improvements could be made to the elements listed below to The Americana at Brand that you feel would enhance the projects attractiveness as a mixed use venue? a. Physical Layout b. Access / Way Finding c. Tenant Mix 10 pts. This assignment is due on Tuesday, December 1 st ....
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