USC PPD 362 - Homework Assignment # 1 - Personal Market Research

USC PPD 362 - Homework Assignment # 1 - Personal Market Research

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USC PPD 362 Fall 2009 Homework Assignment #1 Personal Housing Market Research This purpose of this assignment is for you to perform housing market research that will assist you in making a housing decision that supports your career objectives. Prior to graduation, you will consider these questions: - What type of career do you intend to pursue upon graduation? - Where do you intend to live? - What salary can you anticipate that your chosen career will offer in the location that you have chosen? The research report that you prepare must include the following components: Create a Personal Demographic Profile – age, lifestyle (hobbies, recreational activities and/or cultural activities that you enjoy pursuing) State your Career objective and anticipated Salary upon graduation Conduct research on a metropolitan area that you believe will offer the type of job and lifestyle amenities that you are seeking
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Unformatted text preview: • Lifestyle Characteristics – State the cultural and recreational amenities that appeal to you that are available in the location that you have selected to live. • Identify what percentage of your income you intend to dedicate to housing costs. • Identify specific housing choices that are available to rent or buy that meet your salary and housing percentage budget. • Include a Bibliography – Report the sources of information you found, and include a print out. I am equally interested in where you found the data as much the data itself. The assignment consists of a 2-3 page written report (plus any research findings that you may want to attach to the report and a 5 - 10 minute oral report to the class. The written report will be due on September 8, 2009. The oral reports will be presented to the class on September 22 nd and 29 th ....
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