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a1 - Buy insurance for her paintings 3a • Target1 The...

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Man Hei(William) Hou mhhou 20244627 2a. Attack 2b. Prevent She can keep a low profile, not try to show off and let people know that she has those valuable collections Deter Alice can lock the doors and windows of the house when she is not at home Deflect Place the painting in a secret room of the house instead of the living room Detect Install a security system (alarm) that gets triggered when the paintings get displaced Recover Buy insurance for her paintings
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Unformatted text preview: Buy insurance for her paintings 3a. • Target1 The function foo() uses strcpy() to copy a supplied string(char *arg) without bounds checking. This is vulnerable to buffer overflow. This can be fixed by using strncpy() instead of strcpy(), which does a bounds check before copying. • Target2 The function foo() takes in two parameters, the supplied string and the length of the string. This is vulnerable to buffer overflow. • Primetarget...
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