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Final Exam Review Format: 50 questions 1. Multiple Choice 2. True/False 3. Fill in the blank Key Terms and Concepts Conflict Theory Base-Superstructure Model Functionalism latent and manifest functions Symbolic Interaction Thomas Theorem Behaviorism and Pragmatism Sociological Imagination Merton¹s typology of deviance Culture and Socialization Mead¹s stages of development Cooley¹s Looking Glass Self Sociobiology Ascribed and Achieved statuses
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Unformatted text preview: Sociological theories of race, gender, and sexuality. Stratification and Inequality Intersubjectivity Achieved/Ascribed Statuses Prejudice, Racism, Discrimination White Privilege Base-Superstructure Model Equilibrium theory of change Evolutionary Models of Change Symbolic Interactionists theory of change Labeling theory of deviance Dramaturgy and Impression Management McDonaldization Social Theory Modernity...
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