anthjan26 - Hmong/USA Hmong use seasons to measure time,...

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Qaug dab peg- the spirit catches you and you fall down (epilepsy) Txiv neeb - shaman Dab – bad spirit Hu phg – soul calling ceremony – performed when born Last consonants not pronounced Fish soup – analogy for needing to understand all elements Not going to get full context, not getting full story Hegemony Power Resistance Agency Domination EMIC – insider perspective, from a native’s own words ETIC – outsider’s perspective – try to talk about things that are more universal – researcher’s perspective/our perspective
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Unformatted text preview: Hmong/USA Hmong use seasons to measure time, cock crow Spirits vs Germs Epilepsy is an honor for hmong Hmong taboos: no hats that look life flowers, no ice water US taboos: things must be sterile, no animal sacrifice Hmong like fat children (healthy, well-fed) Social services people say hmong breed like rabits (15 kids), stinky food, stubborn, not generous, good parents, stone age Americans are overweight, want productivity, and are more developed/arrogant...
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