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Paul Farmer: On Suffering and Structural Violence Works on diseases in Haiti Haiti – poorest country in Western hemisphere, 3 rd or 4 th poorest country in the world Average life expectancy – 40 or so years Hurricanes hit Haiti Haitian schools collapsed $2 on each person in Haiti each year Structural violence – the systematic ways in which a given social structure or social institution kills people slowly by preventing them from meeting their basic needs Structural violence is visited upon all those whose social status denies them eaccess to the fruits of scientific and social progress Structural violence – focused on things we need for good existence Violence of being poor – includes a “”host of offensives against human dignity” – extreme and relative poverty - human rights abuses - social inequalities – racism, nationalism, gender inequality, ageism, classism, heterosexism structural violence violation of social and economic rights permits violation of civil and political
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