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anthnotesjan21 - People “consent” to control-Rule...

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Key Terms and Ideas Cultural Relativism Take cultures on their own terms Understand person’s beliefs, activities in terms of their culture Ethnocentrism Looking at the world from the perspective of your own culture Stereotyping: “all masai do ___” – must understand contexts, characteristics rarely include all members of given society Power Power to (agency) Power over (domination or hegemony) Agency Possibility of something being different Ability to make choices and effect change Domination Total control over a population Violent Hegemony
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Unformatted text preview: People “consent” to control-Rule without domination or violence Ideas, practices, empires can be hegemonic Social norms – respecting personal space, standards of beauty How do hegemons maintain their power? • Resistance No domination of hegemony is ever total because people have agency Sri Lanka • 1500s-1700s: Portuguese, Dutch rule • 1800s-1948: British rule (Ceylon) Tamil minority preferred over Sinhalese majority • 1983-present: Civil War > Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) vs. Sri Lankan Army (SLA)...
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