polisciexam2vocabfinal - PRESIDENCY 7 Central clearance...

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PRESIDENCY - 7 Central clearance: before reports or information released to public, must be cleared with president’s OMB to ensure it’s consistent with president’s policies – also applies to testimony in court Commander in chief – says where army will go – supreme commander Divided government – executive run by one party, congress by another Enrolled bill – compiles recommendations about bill Executive agreement – statements of understanding between president and other country Executive office of the president – umbrella – office under which president’s offices are contained Executive order – president orders something into law that may later be refused by congress (nullify w/law), courts can say it’s unconstitutional, next president may undo Executive privilege – may withhold info from congress Gag rule – order issued to federal employees preventing them from speaking to congress Going public – PR to get public to do what president wants to put pressure on congress Gridlock – both parts of congress or congress and president don’t get anything passed because they can’t agree on anything Head of state – president negotiates treaties with other countries Imperial presidency: When president tries to extend power through unilateral actions to turn position into monarchy Line-item veto – revising, eliminating attachments, allows to eliminate specific provisions of bill – 43 gov’s have line-item veto power National security council – president’s private FBI – compiles reports on national security – cia, defense, state Office of management and budget – creates budget, makes sure stuff is what presidents expect – economists, Signing statements – congress passes law, president signs law and says how he will interpret it State of the union address – annual speech about what his policies will be “take care” clause – mandate that president lawfully execute laws; courts may get pres for not following law unitary executive perogatives War Powers Act – law requiring president to report to congress when dispatching troops White House Office – staff, secretaries
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  • Spring '07
  • Supreme Court of the United States, President of the United States, United States Congress, president signs law, congress passes law

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polisciexam2vocabfinal - PRESIDENCY 7 Central clearance...

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