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Turned around race by Jim Webb Press undermined man’s campaign Did Hillary get a “bump” from her show of emotion? …or was her win in NH just spuriously correlated? Campaign between Obama and Clinton strung out for months and months Conventions are usually the most important campaign events Frequently produce large swings in public opinion (decay over time) Large swings are not always decisive Belief that there’s some information in attack ads Lobbyists want to assert position with agencies, reps, etc…. want to get people interested and active Gov’t plays important role in our lives Ralph Nader started as lobbyist Often making legislation is very technical and difficult Interest groups may choose something that won’t benefit the majority of people
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Unformatted text preview: Divide up authority among different branches – systems check each other (executive and legislative) Suggests a pluralistic society where interest groups are critical for governments Pluralist defense of interest groups – decisions made at local level, numerous points of influence, decentralized, a lot of discretion on part of agencies – many points of influence – and need for coalition to bring in broad-based influence Plenty of work done on side of consumers – w/healthcare there are also hospitals, drug companies, etc. and their employees Criticism of interest groups Problems w/pluralist society – gives advantage to wealthy, groups that already exist – corporations, unions, etc....
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