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Tuesday (Feb. 10) Chem 140 5:45-6:50 PM Bring your questions! Exam – in class No bluebooks needed Representation – won’t be on this midterm State-rights versus federal supremacy Federalism and the framers Defining federalism Nationalist tendencies - Why nationalize: theory and practice - Collective dilemmas Modern Federalism We have individuals who are self-interests, and make sure they don’t incur costs of solving problems individually, so people try to shirk – we may disagree on how to use resources – libertarian view/small gov’t could cause inequalities in things
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Unformatted text preview: like education – rich areas would have better schools than working class Largest amount of highways The Paths of Nationalization Federal government has perhaps more resources and expertise than city/county/state to solve wide-spread problems More efficient to deal with problems by pooling resources – Example – The New Deal – comprehensive economic regulations and relief programs intended to fight the Great Depression...
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