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quizreview - non-cabinet agencies – independent executive...

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Mayhew’s 3 activities: credit claiming, advertising, and position taking Public policy takes public opinion – dynamic representation Presidency into monarchy – imperial presidency State of the union Divided gov’t – exec run by one party, congress by other Budget bureau – OMB Warpower theft 5 aspects of modern presidency – commander and chief, chief legislature, head of state, administrator, legislator pres’ right to withhold information form congress – executive order legislative traffic jam – gridlock spoils system group(s) of people served by ___ - clientele bureaucratic structure in which info flows upward and command downward (weber) – bureaucratic ___
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Unformatted text preview: non-cabinet agencies – independent executive agencies independent regulative agencies ways congress can check bureaucracy – investigation, vetoes, (396) 3 types of federal courts – district, appeals, supreme case established judicial review 3 errors/eras of judicial review rule of four – support hearing case gang of fourteen – group of moderates who helped stop nuclear option 562 patronage – like spoil system, but for parties progressive era Australian ballot – Split ticket Single-member districts – proportional representation – Founders did not want parties whatsoever Major parties co-opt ideas of smaller parties...
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