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Bureaucracy as Agent Executive branch itself – bureaucracy => executive branch agencies, some independent, some VERY INDEPENDENT, includes FDA, USDA, etc. Market won’t take care of something – disdain for bureaucrats – generally negative rap – really do need them Constitution has not declared where it is Congress able to set up agencies – do they report to congress or president? Enabling legislation – who do you report to? As gov’t started to expand and do more, still stayed limited, not a whole lot of expansion – delivered mail (roads created by postal service), collected taxes, in recent years presidents on both sides have talked about capping growth of government
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Unformatted text preview: I like Obama. Gov’t hadn’t been all that involved before energy crisis – all gov’t had done was nuclear energy (bombs) – created new agency Credible commitments – homeland security – going to pay more attention to issue Why gov’t takes on new agencies and gov’t uses them Dep’t of justice reaches cabinet status Many new agencies, including dep’t of commerce, a dep’t to deal with Native Americans, etc. If you want to help struggling workers in urban district, create dep’t of labor, etc. Saw creation of agency right around election time Needed complete recoding – needed to rethink; reprogramming...
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