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Homeostasis 1/28/10 21 FROZEN TISSUES / ORGANISMS (Study of cryogenics.) Natural process for plants, insects and some lower invertebrates in the winter. These organisms have low water content and may contain glycerin (antifreeze) Frogs, salamanders and turtles bury in the mud and survive under the ice without freezing in the winter. Reports: Goldfish freezing, 1953: Hamster frozen in 1978; Dog frozen in 1987. Practical / Commercial uses of frozen tissues: Sperm banks since the 1950s
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Unformatted text preview: In vitro fertilization leftovers (embryos) frozen 1984 Australia - 1 st child f/ frozen embryo born 1998 Kansas – child born w/ 7 yr. old twin Frozen human bodies and heads since the 1960s with the thought of thawing them out and jump starting them in the future (W.Disney, Ted Wms., Larry King) Flash freezing reduces ice crystal formation, but crystals form during the thawing process. Research ongoing. Frozen Dead Guy, Bredo Morstoel in Nederland since ‘89...
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