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Exam 2 Study Guide

Exam 2 Study Guide - Exam 2 Study Guide BY SAMANTHA RUDA...

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Exam 2 Study Guide B Y S AMANTHA R UDA P ROBABILITY D ISTRIBUTIONS (C HAPTER 5) T OPIC 7- B INOMIAL D ISTRIBUTION Conditions of a binomial distribution o success = event occurs, failure = event doesn’t occur o Repetitions of a random experiment under identical conditions are called trials o The random variable of interest is X=number of successes in n trials o The probability of success is the same for every trial denoted by π o The probability of failure is denoted by 1-x o Summary : The experiment consists of n identical trials, the outcome of each trial is either a success of a failure, the n trials are statistically independent of each other, with the probability of success π remaining the same from trial to trial, x represents the number of successes. Expected Value - n π Variance - n π (1- π ) Standard Deviation - n π (1- π ) Use factorial formula is trying to find out the probability of getting a particular outcome (Ex: p(x=2)) Parameters of Binomial Distribution: π and n T OPIC 8- N ORMAL D ISTRIBUTION Normal distribution: o Characteristics: bell shaped, unimodal symmetric, mean median and mode lie at center, parameters are µ and σ, tails extend indefinitely and never touch the axis Standard Normal Distribution o Mean=0, Standard Deviation = 1 o Used to find probabilities for any normal distribution o Z-distribution since probabilities are derived from standardized z- values
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o Population not sampling distribution o Standard Normal Z-values Z=(x- µ)/ σ o To find probabilities , proportions , or percentages for normal curve: convert x to z, find z in the table, look in the body for the appropriate probability Calculating Percentiles: since percentiles are values you use the reverse process; look up the given probability in the body of the z-table, read off the appropriate z-value, using the z-value solve for x using the formula Z=(x- µ)/ σ T OPIC 9- S AMPLING D ISTRIBUTION F OR T HE S AMPLING M EAN Parameters - number that summarized some aspect of a population or process, descriptive measure of a population o Binomial distribution parameters – n and π o Normal distribution parameters - µ and σ Estimators – used when we don’t know parameter values sample statistics such as s, x̄, and p Estimators vs. estimates : Estimator – a sample statistic use to estimate a population
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Exam 2 Study Guide BY SAMANTHA RUDA...

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