EBME201Quiz03-2008 - EBME 201 Quiz 03 (2nd half semester )...

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EBME 201 Quiz 03 (2 nd half semester ) 2008 1. Make-it and take-it steps are ubiquitous in biological chemistry and along with blockade steps, as explained in class, can change synapse action dramatically. Which answer describes the most extensive make-it, take-it- and blocking agents in a NE synapse A. DOPA production, MAO, guanethidine, Cocaine B. Dopamine production, MAO, guanethidine, Cocaine C. DOPA production, MAO, guanethidine, Cocaine, antiACHase D. Dopamine production, COMT, MAO, reserpine, Cocaine [D] 2. As explained in class, a very important biochemical system that operates in all body systems to trigger many intracellular activities involves phosphodiesterase (PDE), and other intimately related chemical species particularly cyclic AMP (cAMP). The initial steps in triggering cAMP production involve A. G-proteins, ATP, protein kinases B. Gs- proteins, ATP, adenylate cyclase C. S-proteins, AMP, G-proteins D. G-proteins, ATP, adenylate cyclase, protein kinases [Our mistake! None were correct, so all answers were accepted. Correct answer was: G-proteins, ATP, adenylate cyclase] 3. The medicine Viagra (Sildenafil) causes ______ of arterioles in the ________. A. constriction, heart
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EBME201Quiz03-2008 - EBME 201 Quiz 03 (2nd half semester )...

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