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Child Study Introduction: The observation was taken at Preschool on the Hill, Rowland Heights. The child I chose is named Jessica, and her teacher’s name is Nancy. She is 3 years and 6 months old. She was chosen for observing because she is outgoing girl. Another reason is that she is really cute, and I just wanted to observe her. A. Biosocial Development: Physical Description The chart is shown below is provided by Bhakti Satalkar . Age Height And Weight For Girls Age Average Height Average Weight in Inches in Pounds New born 7.16 1 Month 9.15 2 Months 10.91 2 year 30 28.4 3 year 33 30.8 4 year 37 35.2 Jessica is 2 feet and 5 inches tall and 28 lbs weight. 2 feet and 5 inches = 29 inches. The Average Weight Height is 33-37 inches, and the Average Weight is 30.8-35.2 lbs. comparing to the norms, she is little small. She is active girl because she even cannot still one place for more than five minutes. Although she is smaller compare to the norms, she is a physically healthy girl. B. Motor Skills Gross motor: “As children’s bodies become more streamlined and less top heavy, their center of gravity shifts downward, toward the trunk. As a result, balance improves greatly, paving the way for new motor skills involving large muscles of the body” . Fine motor: “As control of the hands and fingers improves, young children put puzzles together, build with small blocks, cut and paste, and string beads (Haywood & Getchell, 201). Use of Gross motor: Climbing; Running; jumping; Dancing Use of Fine Motor: Writing; Drawing; Cutting paper; Doing Puzzles.
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For outdoor actives, she chose running, calming. At that time, gross motor activity predominates. For indoor actives, she chose drawing, cutting papers and Reading. At that time, fine gross motor activity predominates. C. Cognition
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Child Study.doc - Child Study Introduction: The observation...

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