Observation 3 writing

Observation 3 writing - was very active; she likes to chase...

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Observation 3 Introduction: The observation is taken at Preschool on the Hill, Rowland Heights. The child I have observed is Jessica and her teacher’s name is Nancy. She is 3 and 6 months years old. She was chosen for observing because she is a 3 to 4 year old child and an active child. Biosocial Development 1, She is 2 feet and 5 inches tall and 28 lbs fat. Comparing her height and weight to other child, she is in average height and weight. 2, Gross Motor A. Climbing B. Running C. Jumping D. Dancing Fine Motor: A. Writing B. Drawing C. Cutting Papers D. Doing Puzzles 3, For outdoor actives, she chose running, calming. At that time, gross motor activity predominates. For indoor actives, she chose drawing, cutting papers and Reading. At that time, fine gross motor activity predominates. 4, A, Sensorimotor Play : When she was at play ground, she was exploring sand. B, Mastery Play: she also enjoyed climbing ladder when she at play ground. C, Rough and Tumble Play: At preschool, there were many children. In addition, she
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Unformatted text preview: was very active; she likes to chase each other. 5, She can draw people and animals. She knows how to use a line, stick, circle, triangle and so on to make a figure. In addition, the teacher was also drawing and gives some ideas to her, so she was coping and making some creative. In the end, when the teacher told her to write her name on the paper, she was able to do it and writing could be readable. Her drawing was very clear, easy and large. People will easily understand her drawing, but her drawing was also awkward and the line is not smooth. 6, 1. She is very active and she like to smile and talk to adults. 2, The lunch at preschool was very health, the teach told me that the meal give to them have to qualify the government’s standard. 3, The environment at preschool is very well, it locate at a small hill which a few cars pass by. The room is neat and spacious. 4, when she is going to have lunch, she knows to wash her hand by herself....
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Observation 3 writing - was very active; she likes to chase...

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