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Accy Extra Credit final - Niharika Chaudhary ADM TA...

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Niharika Chaudhary ADM TA: Jeniffer Mokry Friday 6 th November, 2009 ACCY 201 EXTRA CREDIT I attended the extra credit opportunity where the movie “Wall street” was screened. The movie is about how a Stockbroker, Bud Fox wants to get on the top by getting Gekko as his client, a big buyer of stocks at Wall street. The whole movie is about how important business ethics are and what is the meaning of professional responsibility. The discussion that followed the movie was based also on ethical dilemma faced by a professional in the work field. The movie displays the choices that one might face in life while making a decision. There would always be two paths to adopt, one would be an easy way that guarantees early success and easy money, it may be an unscrupulous and unethical way but it gets prompt success. This was a path that Gekko followed. While, the other way would be ethical and hard to follow, and may not get a lot of money, but it is the right path in life. Bud’s father, Carl, followed this path. The whole movie revolves
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