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Witnesses Handout No. 3 Evidence – Prof. Tillers The John Salvi Case Some years ago a man called John Salvi attacked two abortion clinics in the Boston area. He killed two persons and wounded seven other people. He was prosecuted for murder. At the trial his defense (entered over his objection) was insanity. Salvi insisted on representing himself. Salvi’s amicus attorney tried to have Salvi testify: This attorney expected that Salvi would testify that there was a world-wide conspiracy against Catholics by Freemasons, the media, and, possibly, by yet other groups and organizations. The trial judge refused to allow Salvi to testify, partly because she thought that his testimony would have been irrelevant and partly also because Salvi had made it clear that he would refuse to answer many legally-proper questions during cross-examination, including, for example, questions that he thought invaded his privacy.
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