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P. Tillers-Sample Standard Exam Questions, 2008 p. 1 of 3 Sample Question 1 In a trial for tax evasion there is a dispute about the authenticity of a signature on a signed receipt. The prosecutor claims that although the signature on the receipt appears to be the signature of Store Owner – the owner of the store from whom defendant taxpayer claims he purchased office supplies – the signature is a fake. However, defendant claims that the signature was in fact made by Store Owner. At trial the disputed receipt is marked Defense Exhibit No. 1. Defense counsel then hands a document to the court reporter and has it marked as Defense Exhibit Number 2. She then retrieves it, shows it to opposing counsel and the trial judge, and states, “Your Honor, as you can see, Defense Exhibit Number 2 is a specimen of Store Owner's handwriting. We offer Defense Exhibits Numbers 1 and 2 in evidence.” The prosecutor's objection should be sustained _______ OR overruled ______ Please explain:
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P. Tillers-Sample Standard Exam Questions, 2008
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10-27-09 Sample_Multiple_Choice_Questions - P...

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