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11-7-9 Paula-BMW

11-7-9 Paula-BMW - company to pay for the car.” Paula...

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Paula’s BMW Paula drives her brand new BMW to the apartment at 10 Main Street. She sees David, Zero, and Wally standing outside. She leaves her car running and shouts to them, “Hey, watch my car, will ya?” Without waiting, she runs into the apartment. When she returns her BMW is gone and only Wally and Zero are still standing outside. She asks, “What happened to my car?” Wally replies, “David took it. But I’m no stoolie. Get the insurance
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Unformatted text preview: company to pay for the car.” Paula sues David in trover (wrongful conversion). At trial she puts Wally on the stand. Wally testifies, “Heck, I don’t know who took it. I don’t remember no BMW.” Paula then puts Zero on the stand and offers to have him testify that Wally originally said, “David took it.” David objects. How should the trial court rule?...
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