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1. Due Process – right to present defense Cases? Rock v. Arkansas Scheffer Chambers Winship 2. R 412 Evidence of sexual disposition or sexual behavior? Exception for prior intercourse with accused? Applicable to robbery charge? 3. Impeachment rules Collateral matter rule – 608(b)? Or is this not evidence about truthfulness (and thus exempt) from 608(b) bar? Or is this not evidence of conduct to show untruthfulness? Unduly prejudicial? Is trial judge permitted to assess the probative value of the evidence on Vanetta’s credibility? If not, … what?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Right of Confrontation Davis v. Alaska Olden 5. Character Rule Is it character evidence? Is a disposition? A character trait? An immoral or evil character trait? (Does this last Q matter?) If so, admissible under R 404(a)(2), character of victim? Is it rep or opinion? Cf. 608(a) Is it relevant? Is it unduly prejudicial? 6. Expert & Scientific Specific expert qualified? Sufficient data? Field scientific or genuine? Issue within field’s domain? General Specific Within expertise? Trangression of jury’s job?...
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