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Peter Tillers' General Home Page Federal Rules of Evidence Syllabus Basic Course in the Law of Evidence Professor Peter Tillers Fall Semester 2009 Cardozo School of Law Note: This syllabus will be modifed somewhat beFore the Fall semster begins. This semester's course will emphasize "bread and butter," the black-letter workings of basic rules of evidence. But you will still need to do some thinking; in particular, you will need to think a bit about the possible purposes of various rules and about general principles about the workings evidence and proof in litigation. Students who wish to explore Evidence in more depth have the option of doing independent research and writing a research paper (in addition to studying and mastering the basic course material). I welcome anyone who wishes to do such independent work in Evidence. The required course book is David Leonard & Victor Gold, Evidence: A Structured Approach (Aspen Publishers, 2d ed. 2008). The Federal Rules of Evidence are provided in Appendix A of the course book. They are also available here . The recommended (not required) supplementary Evidence hornbook is
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Park, Leonard & Goldberg, Evidence Law: A Student's Guide to the Law of Evidence as Applied in American Trials (West Hornbook Series, 2d ed. 2004). During the semester I will ask that you read or skim a few parts of the evidence module in Spindle Law . (This online material is free.) To get a password to this web material please send an e-mail message to [email protected] and identify yourself as a student in this course. The Fnal exam will have multiple choice questions with space for short explanations for your answers. I will also give one broad essay question, which will count for 1/4 of the exam. The exam I gave last year is available on the "Lessons" page of ANGEL. Read the assignments in the order found below. Unless otherwise noted, class discussion will focus on the questions in the course book called " Questions for Classroom Discussion ." Knowledge of the material preceding the Questions for Classroom Discussion will be assumed. Always be prepared to discuss the assigned Questions for Classroom Discussion . Copies of Questions for Classroom Discussion are available at this web site . Assignments Begin with these general questions: Is the law of evidence important? If so, why? Proof and Procedure Chapter 1 Part A, pp. 1-18 (read this important background material; I will comment on this material) Look at these diagrams Chapter 1 Part B, pp. 18-25 (read; be prepared to discuss question 1 at p. 24, question 1A , and questions 2-7 at pp. 24-25) Scan the diagrams and text found in these notes on foundations, offers, objections, and related matters . They may clarify some points made in your reading assignments about proof procedure. When reviewing this material at the end of the semester, you might Fnd it
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syllabus - evidence - Peter Tillers General Home Page...

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