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Chapter 2 Q UESTIONS FOR C LASSROOM D ISCUSSION S UPPLEMENT PAGE 50 1. Prosecution for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Defendant offered to stipulate that he has a felony conviction on his record but denied being in possession of a firearm. The prosecution accepted the stipulation and the court permitted the stipulation to be read to the jury. At trial the prosecution offered into evidence a certified copy of Defendant’s judgment of conviction for carrying a firearm onto an airplane, which is a felony. Is this evidence relevant under the Federal Rules? The California Evidence Code? If relevant, what other objection might the defense raise? 2. Same case. Assume that, under California evidence law covered later in this course, evidence that the defendant illegally possessed guns on some prior occasion is not admissible to show he has the propensity to act in that way and, thus, probably was in possession of a firearm on the occasion in question. Notwithstanding those rules, does Article I §28(d) of the California Constitution
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