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chapter 7

Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making

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Chapter 7 Internal Control and Cash I. Internal Control Internal control consists of all of the related methods and measures adopted within a business to: Safeguard assets from employee theft, robbery, and unauthorized use. Enhance the accuracy and reliability of its accounting records by reducing the risk of errors (unintentional mistakes) and irregularities (intentional mistakes and misrepresentations) in the accounting process. χ. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) requires all publicly traded U.S. corporations to maintain an adequate system of internal controls. SOX imposes more responsibilities on corporate executives and boards of directors to ensure that companies’ internal controls are reliable and effective χι. Companies must develop sound principles of control over financial reporting and continually assess that the controls are working. χιι. Independent outside auditors must attest to the level of internal controls. To safeguard assets and enhance the accuracy and reliability of its accounting records, companies follow internal control principles . The following six internal control principles apply to most enterprises χιιι. Establishment of Responsibility An essential characteristic of internal control is the assignment of responsibility to specific individuals. Control is most effective when only one person is responsible for a given task. Establishing responsibility includes the authorization and approval of transactions. χιω. Segregation of Duties Segregation of duties is indispensable in a system of internal control. The rationale for segregation of duties is that the work of one employee should, without a duplication of effort, provide a reliable basis for evaluating the work of another employee. There are two common
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chapter 7 - Chapter 7 Internal Control and Cash I Internal...

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