After reading Chapter 7

After reading Chapter 7 - After reading Chapter 7 the...

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After reading Chapter 7, the student should be able to answer the following questions: 1. Discuss the roles of international organizations. 2. Distinguish between IGOs and NGOs. 3. Discuss the purposes of the United Nations and its historical evolution. 4. Describe the organizational structure of the United Nations and the roles of each institution. 5. Discuss the role of the United Nations Security Council and proposed changes to it. 6. Explain the function of United Nations peacekeeping forces, distinguish between peacekeeping and peacemaking, and describe recent missions. 7. Distinguish between United Nations programs and autonomous agencies. 8. Compare and contrast domestic and international law in terms of sources and enforcement. 9. Explain the role of the World Court in international law and the challenges it faces in carrying out its role. 10. Explain the role of national courts in international law. 11. Discuss the laws of diplomacy.
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