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BIPN 100 Chris Childers Dr. Fortes Winter 2010 Test Questions: 1. Fill in the following… [Ion]inside (mM) [Ion]outside [mM) Eion: (mV) Driving Force Vm = -70mV Driving Force Vm = +30mV Direction Vm = -70mV Direction: Vm = +30mV K = 150 K = 1.5 -122 +52 +152 Out Out Na = 14 Na = 140 +61 -131 -31 In In Cl = 100 Cl = 10 +61 -131 -31 Out Out Ca = 0.0001 Ca = 1 +122 -192 -92 In In 2. In the year 2056, Mars has a research lab in the MIH (Martian Institutes of Health). Drs. Little & Greenman discover life in an underground lake and study neurons from a new life form. They find the following ionic compositions: [Li+]in = 8.5mM, [Li+]out = 850mM, [Rb+] in = 770 mM, [Rb+]out = 7.7mM, [I-]in = 700mM, [I-]out = 70mM. They measure the resting membrane potential at 37o to be +61mV… A. Which ion has the highest permeability(conductance) at rest? Li+ or I- B. Which ion(s) is/are actively transported and in what direction? Li+ out of the cell and Rb+ into cell When they stimulate the neuron they see strange action potentials in the axons. The membrane potential changes
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