6C-ReingoldP-exam2 - PRACTICE TEST (MIDTERM #2) CHEM 6C...

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PRACTICE TEST (MIDTERM #2) CHEM 6C – RHEINGOLD [Answers for multiple-choice questions are italicized. Others are answered at the end of the question, but might have been asked as multiple choice. For questions without answers, your text, class notes or your own powers of reason and deduction should be used.] Do not consider the length of test. 1. Which statement regarding a catalyst is false: a. It lowers Ea, but does not affect the mechanism b. It only changes the mechanism for the reaction c. It affects the rate of the reaction by lowering Ea d. It changes the rate by making the products more stable e. all are true 2. Which of the following is true about surface catalyzed reactions: a. The rate is independent of the surface area b. The reactants form real chemical bonds to the surface c. Surface reactions tend to be endothermic d. A one-step mechanism is a characteristic of a surface catalyzed reaction e. The Haber process is not surface catalyzed 3. In the reaction, A Æ products, the initial concentration of A is 0.86 M, and 40 sec later it is 0.78 M. The initial rate is: [Ans. = 8.9 x 10
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6C-ReingoldP-exam2 - PRACTICE TEST (MIDTERM #2) CHEM 6C...

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