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ProblemSet5AK - acid are called 3 When a lipid bilayer is...

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1a. When phospholipase A 1 acts on a glycerophospholipid, the main product is a ______. 1b. When phospholipase A 2 acts on a glycerophospholipid, the main product is a ______. 1c. When phospholipase C acts on a glycerophospholipid, the main product is a ______. 1d. When phospholipase D acts on phosphadylethanolamine, the main product is a ______. 1e. Write the structure of phosphatidylcholine. 2. What is a spingolipid? What are the three classes of spingolipids? What is the primary difference of fatty acylated derivative in glycerophopsholipids and spingolipids? Glycosphingolipids with several attached carbohydrates (including at least one sialic
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Unformatted text preview: acid) are called ______. 3. When a lipid bilayer is cooled below its ______, it becomes a gel-like solid. Why do unsaturated fatty acids display lower melting temperatures than saturated fatty acids? How do unsaturated fatty acids affect membrane fluidity? 4. Why do bilayers form? What is a liposome? Describe lipid mobility. Explain why transverse diffusion is slower than lateral diffusion. 5. Indicate differences between soluble and membrane proteins. Classify the membrane protein. Give examples of each class....
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