Message#2 - I will be available in my office (Room 2525...

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I will be available in my office (Room 2525 Chem) on Monday, Jan 19, from 1:30 - 7 PM, if you have questions on 216 or even 215 topics. ... * Please make sure to ask your GSI for clarification or more details if you are uncertain about the grading, writing pre-lab/reports, etc. Pre-lab write-up will be required from the second week on. There will be only one write-up for the two labs of Experiment 7. No pre-lab write-up is needed for Experiment 8. The last session of the term is for check out. So, overall you need to write up ten pre-labs (5 points x 10). * In general, you rarely use beakers for organic reactions/recrystallization. You should use Erlenmeyer flasks. You might want to think why. . I still see some of you using beakers for the reaction. * Please review the concept of "stoichiometry" (see my note on stoichiometry), especially about theoretical yield, % yield, and molarity. * Please do not be overly concerned with the schedule. If you did not finish all suggested experiment during the first lab, you will easily be able to catch up. For getting the liquid IR of aniline, I thought this would be a great chance for you to learn how to obtain a"good" IR of a liquid sample so that if your unknown aniline is a liquid, you would not have any difficulty in obtaining a good quality IR spec to be used for comparison with the spec downloadable from the SDBS web site. I know that most of you have not run IR spectra of liquid samples. Unfortunately, I was given a hugely loud objection yesterday in the afternoon by one of the staff people. He argues that many of you are so messy that aniline has been spilled all over the machine and the instrument room, etc. He insisted that aniline is so obnoxious that he did not want to see it used for running IR spec. Interestingly, he does not mind you running IR spectra of liquid unknown aniline compounds (as liquid film) [I don't understand this logic, though]. As I need all the help from these people, I will have to yield to his demand (contrary to my pedagogical and scientific belief). So, p lease do not run the IR spectrum of "aniline" itself (liquid IR). Just obtain a copy of the IR spectrum of aniline (liquid film) from the SDBS. You may run IR spectra of any other liquid samples including unknown anilines!! ====================================================================== =============== The second half of Experiment 1
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2010 for the course CHEM 216 taught by Professor Nolta during the Winter '07 term at University of Michigan.

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Message#2 - I will be available in my office (Room 2525...

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