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San Jose State University Computer Engineering Department Course: CMPE287/CMPE196H Term Project Assignment Instructor: Jerry Gao, Ph.D. Semester: spring, 2003 Handed out date: 4/10/2003 Due date: 5/15/03 Project topic #1: Test automation for Binary Sorted Tree Project Objective: This term project for CMPE287/CMPE196H is designed as a team-based software test automation project. It provides students an opportunity to learn how to automate software testing for a product using systematic solutions and tools. The primary objective of your project is to develop and use the necessary testing tools and facilities to test for the software component - binary sorted search tree. Tool usage: You must use eValid for GUI-based system testing, other test tools (such as Junit URL:www.junit.org) for white- box testing, and free problem tracking tool (Elementool, please see URL:www.elementool.com) to support your test automation. Project description: Your tasks: Plan your test automation project first by defining your objectives, focuses and strategies. Convert your previously created binary-sorted search tree as a web-based accessible component. Develop some necessary unit test facilities to support unit-level component testing. Typical include: Test case generation, or test data generation Test case (or test data) loading Test execution control (if you did not use any tools) Conduct unit test again with your facilities and test tools, record test results Develop some necessary system-level test support facilities, including test data generation, test data loading, and performance testing tools. Use the available test tools (eValid) to conduct your system testing. Report your findings in unit testing and system testing Your term project deliverables: (5/15/03) Your test automation project report Tool specification report for your developed tools or facilities Your test report
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Problem report generated from a problem management tool Test results generated from a test tool (eValid) and your test environment Software copy of your developed program and tools
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term_project_2 - San Jose State University Computer...

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