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How to Add Chem_files - lab. • The head TA will determine...

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How to Add Chem. 2 Neither your instructor nor your lab TA can add you to the class – only the head TA. Please do not contact any of us (instructor, lab TA, or head TA) beforehand about adding the class. The first step is to look in the class schedule at all of the sections of Chem. 2. Make a note of all the lab sections that could fit into your schedule (the more you pick, the better your chances are to add the class). Start going to those lab sections and wait outside the door for the head TA to come. The head TA will come by within the first hour of
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Unformatted text preview: lab. • The head TA will determine if there any spots available in the lab. • If there are spots, the head TA will give you instructions to add the class. • If there are no spots, go to the next lab that fits your schedule and try again. • Continue going to labs for the first few weeks of class. Often spots in lab are not available during the first week of labs, but sometimes spots open up by the second week. • Come to the first lecture for more instruction on adding the class....
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