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MATH 260 SUGGESTED EXERCISES II 1. Let x 1 , x 2 , …, x n be a random sample of n observations from an exponential distribution with mean θ . Find M.L.E for θ. 2. Exercise 7.70 in page 410 of the textbook. 3. Exercise 7.73 in page 410 of the textbook. 4. Exercise 7.74 in page 412 of the textbook. 5. Exercise 7.91 in page 415 of the textbook. 6. You are given the following null and alternative hypotheses: H 0 : µ 4 000, H a : µ > 4000 At α = 0.05 a) If the population mean is 4004, determine the value of β . Assume that population standard deviation is known to be 20 and sample size is 40.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Calculate the power of the test. c) Referring to parta a and b what could be done to increase power and reduce β if the true ppulation mean is 4004. Discuss. 7. Exercise 8.10 in page 430 of the textbook. 8. Exercise 8.22 in page 431 of the textbook. 9. Exercise 8.42 in page 443 of the textbook. 10. Exercise 8.51 in page 450 of the textbook. 11. Exercise 8.94 in page 474 of the textbook. 12. Find the relation between the slope of estimated regression equation and sample correlation coefficient....
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