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CS 2110 Software Design Principles II Juan Altmayer Pizzorno port25.com Overview Last week: Refactoring Today : Test-Driven Development TDD + JUnit by Example The Example A collection class SmallSet containing up to N objects (hence “small”) typical operations: we’ll implement add() , size() add adds item contains item in the set? size # items Test Driven Development We’ll go about in small iterations 1. add a test 2. run all tests and watch the new one fail 3. make a small change 4. run all tests and see them all succeed 5. refactor (as needed) We’ll use JUnit JUnit What do JUnit tests look like? SmallSet.java package edu.cornell.cs.cs2110; public class SmallSet { ... } SmallSetTest.java package edu.cornell.cs.cs2110; import org.junit.Test; import static org.junit.Assert.*; public class SmallSetTest { @Test public void testFoo () { SmallSet s = new SmallSet(); ... assertTrue (...); } @Test public void testBar() { ... } } A List of Tests We start by thinking about how to test , not how to implement size=0 on empty set size=N after adding N distinct elements adding element already in set doesn’t change it throw exception if adding too many ... Each test veriFes a certain “ feature
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A First Test We pick a feature and test it: This doesn’t compile: size() is unde±ned But that’s all right: we’ve started designing the interface by using it SmallSet class SmallSet {} SmallSetTest class SmallSetTest {
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cs2110-sweng-2-6up - Overview Last week CS 2110 Software...

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