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Course Review A Few Unanswered Questions Lecture 25 CS2110 – Fall 2008 2 Announcements ! Final Exam " Thursday, Dec 18 " 2 - 4:30pm " Uris Auditorium ! Review Sessions " Wednesday, Dec 17 " 7:30 - 9pm and 9 - 10:30pm " Upson B17 " Both sessions the same " Maybe an extra one Tuesday of next week - watch web site for an announcement ! For exam conflicts: " Notify Kelly Patwell today " You must provide # Your entire exam schedule # Include the course numbers ! Definition of exam conflict: " Two exams at the same time or " Three or more exams within 24 hours ! A5 due Monday, Dec 8, 11:59pm " Sorry, no more extensions 3 Announcements ! Jealous of the glamorous life of a CS consultant? " We're recruiting next-semester consultants for CS1110 and CS2110 " Interested students should fill out an application, available in 303 Upson ! Check the course website for additional announcements as the final exam approaches " Consulting ends this week " Office hours continue until Final Exam # There may be changes (TAs have exams, too) # Any changes will be announced on the course website 4 Course Evaluations ! Worth one assignment point " Will count as 1% of your course grade " This is a regular point, not a bonus point " Anonymity # We get a list of who completed the course evaluations and a list of ! Open now ! Closes Wednesday, December 10, midnight ! http://www.engineering.cornell.edu/CourseEval " This link also appears on the CS2110 announcements page 5 Course Overview ! Programming concepts # We use Java, but the goal is to understand the ideas rather than to become a Java expert " Recursion " Object-Oriented Programming " Interfaces " Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) ! Data structure concepts # The goal here is to develop skill with a set of tools that are widely useful " Induction " Asymptotic analysis (big-O) " Arrays, Trees, and Lists " " " Priority Queues " " Graphs 6 Programming Concepts ! Recursion " Stack frames " Exceptions ! Object-oriented programming " Classes and objects " Primitive vs. reference types " Dynamic vs. static types
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L25cs2110fa08-6up - Announcements Course Review & A Few...

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