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Binary Nuclear Reactions PROBLEMS 1. A 2-MeV neutron is scattered elastically by 12C through an angle of 45 degrees. What is the scattered neutron's energy? Solution: From Eq. (6.25) E' = ~ {JEcos(}s + VE(A2 -1 + COS2 (}s)} 2 (A + 1)2 2. The first nuclear excited state of l~C is 4.439 MeV above the ground state. (a) What is the Q-value for neutron inelastic scattering that leaves 12C in this excited state? (b) What is the threshold energy for this scattering reaction?
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Unformatted text preview: (c) What is the kinetic energy of an 8- Me V neutron scattered inelastically from this level at 45 degrees? Solution: (a) The Q-value is computed as Q = {M(l~C) -M(1~C*)}C2 = {Mr~C) -[M(l~C) + E* jc2]}C2-E* = -4.439 MeV. (b) From Eq. (6.15) l+~ ) Q=-Mc 1 1+12 Eth -n---4.439) = 4.81 MeV. 6-1 July 24, 2002...
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