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HW7-7i - 6-5 6 Consider the following reactions caused by...

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6-5 6. Consider the following reactions caused by tritons, nuclei of 3H, interacting with 160 to produce the compound nucleus 19F 18F + n 170 + d 180 + p 16N + 3He 3H + 160 --+ 19F* --+ For each of these reactions calculate (a) the Q-value, (b) the kinematic thresh- old energy of the triton, (c) the threshold energy of the triton for the reaction, and (d) the minimum kinetic energy of the products. Summarize your calcu- lations in a table. Solution: For a binary, two-product reaction x+X --+ y+ Y we use the following results from Ch. 6. (a) The Q-value is obtained from Eq. (6.6), Q = (Mx + Mx -My -My)c2, and the atomic masses in Ap. B. (b) The kinematic and Coulombic threshold energies are obtained from Eq. (6.15) (needed when Q < 0) and from Eq. (6.19) (needed when x and X are both charged particles). ZxZX Ec ~ 1.2 1/3 A l/3
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