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Unformatted text preview: 6-5 6. Consider the following reactions caused by tritons, nuclei of 3H, interacting with 160 to produce the compound nucleus 19F 18F+ 170 + 180 + 16N + n d p 3He 3H + 160 --+ 19F* --+ For each of these reactions calculate (a) the Q-value, (b) the kinematic threshold energy of the triton, (c) the threshold energyof the triton for the reaction, and (d) the minimum kinetic energy of the products. Summarize your calculations in a table. Solution: For a binary, two-product reaction x+X --+ y+ Y we usethe following results from Ch. 6. (a) The Q-value is obtained from Eq. (6.6), Q = (Mx + Mx -My -My)c2, and the atomic massesin Ap. B. (b) The kinematic and Coulombicthreshold energiesare obtained from Eq. (6.15) (needed when Q < 0) and from Eq. (6.19) (neededwhen x and X are both charged particles). and ZxZX Ec ~ 1.2Ax /3+ Ax 1 l/3 x ' (c) The minimum KE of the products is (Ey + EY)min = Q + (E;h)mino Resultsare tabulatedbelow. Reaction 60(t,n)18F 60(t,d)170 Q (MeV) EC x Eth x 0 condition (Ey + EY)min 1.268 -2.114 60(t,p)180 60(t,3He)16N 3.706 -10.402 2.423 2.423 2.423 2.423 Ex > 2.423 Ex > 2.510 0 Ex > 2.423 12.352 Ex > 12.352 2.510 3.691 0.396 6.192 1.950 7. An important radionuclide produced in water-cooled nuclear reactors is 16N which has a half-life of 7.13 s and emits very energetic gamma rays of 6.1 and 7.1 MeV. This nuclide is produced by the endoergic reaction 160(n,p)16N. What is the minimum energy of the neutron neededto produce 16N? From Eq. (6.6), and the atomic massesin Ap. B we find for the 160(n,p)16N reaction Q = [M(l~O) + mn -Mr~N) -M(lH)]c = -9.638 MeV Solution: uly 24, 2002 ...
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