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HW9-14a - 6-10 Binary Nuclear Reactions Chap 6 In a...

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6-10 Binary Nuclear Reactions Chap. 6 13. In a particular neutron-induced fission of 235U, 4 prompt neutrons are produced and one fission fragment is 121 Ag. (a) What is the other fission fragment? (b) How much energy is liberated promptly (i.e., before the fission fragments begin to decay)? (c) If the total initial kinetic energy of the fission fragments is 150 MeV, what is the initial kinetic energy of each? (d) What is the total kinetic energy shared by the four prompt neutrons. Solution: (a) The fission fragments are 235 U + In --+ 4 ( ln ) + 121 A g + lllRh 92 0 0 47 45. (b) The prompt energy emission is the Q-value for the above reaction, namely
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