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Unformatted text preview: 7-2 (a) Water: Radiation Interactions Chap. 7 (JLjp) = 0.07066 cm2jg and p = 1.00 g cm-3. Thus, (b) Iron: (Jl,/p)=0.05951 cm2/g and p=7.874gcm-3. Thus, (c) Lead: (JLjp) = 0.06803cm2jg and p = 11.35g cm-3. Thus, Xl/2 = In 2/ (~ ) p = 0.898cm. Based on the interaction coefficientstabulated in Appendix 0, plot the tenththickness (in centimeters) versus photon energy from 0.1 to 10 MeV for water, aluminum, iron and lead. Solution: By analogy to Eq. (7.9), the tenth thickness is Xl/lO = InlO//L. With the data in Table 0.3 the following plot is obtained. July 24, 2002 3. ...
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