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HW12-4 - 7-3 4 A material is found to have a...

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7-3 4. A material is found to have a tenth-thickness of 2.3 cm for 1.25-MeV gamma rays. (a) What is the linear attenuation coefficient for this material? (b) What is the half-thickness? (c) What is the mean-free-path length for 1.25-MeV photons in this material? Solution: 1 x= -= 0.999 cw. IL 5. In natural uranium, 0.720% of the atoms are the isotope 235U, 0.0055% are 234U,and the remainder 238U. From the data in Table C.I, what is the total linear interaction coefficient (macroscopic cross section) for a thermal neutron in natural uranium? What is the total macroscopic fission cross section for thermal neutrons? Solution: From the data in Table A.3, the atom density of natural uranium is
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