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Unformatted text preview: 9-10 Radiation Doses and Hazards Chap. 9 every generation receivesthis collective gonad dose,there will also be 120 casesper generation for a collective gonad dose of 104 Gy to eachgeneration. The number of casesof genetic illness in each generation caused by the background radiation received by this population is then (c) From N__-, 1 U~A.ClP.CI estimate Table -.,uu.9, =the 20 NSCEAR 104person-Gy of the 9 5.81 x 104 person-Gy n= A97 ~~~p~ atural frequency of ge- netic illness with is 76,300 are cases per million of liveborn. 75 y and = 360,000 genetic In a static mean age to liveborn illness population reproduction generation. of 900,000 an avert age lifespan (30/75) x 900,000 of 30 y, there Thus, tion, the is each cases, number of naturally occurring per genera- 360,000 76,300 1,000,000 = 27, 000 cases. 10. A 35-yearold female worker receivesan x-ray exposureof 5.2 rad (whole-body) while carrying out emergencyprocedures in a nuclear accident. Discuss the health risks assumed by this worker as a result of the radiation exposure. Solution: From Table 9.12, the radiogenic cancer mortality risk for a 35-yearold female is 557/105 per 10 rad of gamma-rayexposure. Thus for a 5.2 rad exposure,the female's risk is ,. .. 11. How many people in the U.S. might be expected to die each year as a result of cancercaused by natural background radiation (excluding radon lung expo.sures)? Assume an averagewhole-body exposureof 200 mrem and a population of 250 million. Compare this to the natural total death rate by cancer. Solution: July 24, 2002 Nnat ...
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