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(b) Similarly, from Table 9.13 (Case 2) we see the number of cancer deaths from natural causes is 1 250 X 106 people 6 Nnat = -(20,560+ 17,520) 5 1 = 47.6 x 10 deaths. 2 10 peop e For a static population with an average life span of 73.1 years, the annual natural cancer death rate is then -'- 47.6 x 106 deaths K Nnat = , = tJ.51 X lUu per year. 73.1 y 12. A radiology technician receives an average occupational dose of 0.3 rad per year over her professional lifetime. What cancer risk does she assume as a result of this activity? Solution: Use the risk estimates for Case 3 of Table 9.13 for this problem. From this table we see a female occupation worker has a risk of 3070/105 for an exposure of 1 rad per year for each year of her working lifetime. Thus her probability of dying from radiogenic cancer for an annual dose of 0.3 rad/y is ~ ) 105 0.3 fad 1 fad = 9.2 X 10-3. risk = Thus her risk is about one chance in 110 or about 1 %. 13. A male reactor operator receives a whole body dose equivalent of 0.95 rem
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