HW19-15 - Solution NOTE In the text the period is incorrectly given as-2 s This is physically impossible The correct period should be-200 s(a First

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10-11 From the previous problem, koo = 1.1647 and f = 0.5632. From Table 10.2, we find rH20 = 27 cm2 and Lk2o = 8.1 cm2. The above equation thus reduces to M235 ""j;;[ff;i5 N235A235 NH2OAH2O' - = 6,000 g = 6.00 kg. 15. A control rod is dropped into a critical, source-free, uranium-fueled reactor and the asymptotic period of the resulting exponentially decreasing power is observed to be -200 s. (a) What is the value of keff of the reactor after the control rod drop? (b) What was the reactivity insertion in dollars?
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Unformatted text preview: Solution: NOTE: In the text the period is incorrectly given as -2 s. This is physically impossible. The correct period should be -200 s. (a) First find the change in keff needed to produce the given period. From Eq. (10.17) we find 8k = .BTIT, where for 235u .BT = 0.083 s. Thus keff after the rod insertion is keff = 1 + ok = 1 + pr T (b) The reactivity insertion, from Eq. (10.14), is 0.999585 -1-0.0065 0.999585 = -0.0639($). July 24, 2002...
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